Working at Esrange

SSC people sharing how it is to work at Esrange and live in Kiruna.

Kiruna has the potential. It is both unique and wild!
Armelle Frenea-Schmidt
Armelle working on a rocket payload together with a student.
A journey from France to Kiruna
Business Developer
"This job means working with many people from different backgrounds and cultures."
Working with space is a great thing, but my favorite part is meeting all the amazing and fun people that are so passionate about what they do.
Maria Snäll
Maria Snäll
Enjoys the special family atmosphere at Esrange
Project Manager for Rocket and Balloon missions
"I get to experience plenty of rocket and balloon launches. To the very last minute, you stand there focused and waiting, all tense, and after a successful launch, you feel both happiness and relief."
I realized that working at Esrange and living in Kiruna would be an adventure, which was something I didn’t want to miss.
Simon Westerlund
Simon Westerlund
Moved for a job at Esrange and a life in Kiruna
Manager Safety & Operations, Orbital Launch & Rocket Test
Simon has worked for six years at Esrange Space Center and appreciates the balance between work life and leisure activities with plenty of skiing, hiking, snowboarding and sports flying.
"Working here becomes a life experience that stands out on your resume, regardless how long you worked here or what position you had."
David Hagsved
David Hagsved
Left Stockholm for Kiruna
Project Manager Rocket and Balloons, Esrange, Sweden
After three years at Esrange, David Hagsved believes he made the right decision in choosing both workplace and living in the north.
Kiruna gets bigger out here.
Lena Gälldin
Lena Gälldin
Enjoys the international environment
Project Manager for rocket and balloon campaigns
Lena Gälldin has worked as a Senior Project Manager at Esrange for about two years. Even if she started during the corona restrictions, working from home with very few physical meetings, she has found her role well, being a central connection point in rebuilding the launch area hit by a fire in 2021.
We are like a big family here. Everyone is very passionate about their work.
Marko Kohberg
Marko in the Telemetri station
With space as the base for 30 years
Rockets and Balloons Operation Manager
Marko Kohberg is one of many employees at SSC and Esrange whose employment stretches back for decades. After many positions within the company, he is today the rocket and balloon operations manager with around 30 engaged employees.
Evening sky, Loussavaara

Living in beautiful Lapland

Kiruna is the northernmost city in Sweden, situated in the province of Lapland. The wild, beautiful and magnificent surroundings give you a wide selection of outdoor recreation activities. In the summer you enter the world of the midnight sun, and in the winter you may experience an incredible light show; the northern lights or Aurora Borealis. It is common to see wild animals such as reindeer and moose.

The town of Kiruna offers shopping, restaurants, bars, a hospital and much more. Kiruna might seem remote, but there is communication available with trains, buses and the international airport with some direct routes to cities outside Sweden and only a 1,5-hour flight to Stockholm. Read more on

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