David Hagsved

David Hagsved

David left Stockholm for Kiruna

David Hagsved grew up in Hudiksvall, a small town by the coast. An engineering job at Saab, an aerospace and defense company, took him to the capital of Sweden. After eight years in Stockholm, he got tired of the city life and longed for a living with some more space.

It has probably escaped nobody’s attention that there is a constant lack of engineers. For years, the business world has been looking for more people and education in this field. Esrange is today a multifaceted workplace and offers a variety of positions, both within and outside the engineering field. After three years at Esrange, David Hagsved, Project Manager at the Rocket and Balloon department, believes he made the right decision in choosing both workplace and living in the north.

Why should you choose to become an Engineer?

To study to become an Engineer is something I really recommend as it opens many doors and good job opportunities. The space area is a long-time personal interest, which brought me to Rymdgymnasiet (Space High School) in Kiruna and further studies at the University.

Can you briefly explain what your work is about?

On a typical workday I have many customer contacts. But what I enjoy the most are the days in operation, when the campaigns start, and I do practical work together with the customer. The climax is when the balloon or rocket is launched.

What characterizes Esrange as a workplace?

I would say that Esrange Space Center is a very exciting workplace, and currently in a very interesting phase with the construction of the new spaceport. Esrange is also unique. Working here becomes a life experience that stands out on your resume, regardless how long you worked here or what position you had. We have a decentralized organization where no tasks are too small. Everyone is helpful and contributes to the organization.

What makes you stay in Kiruna?

I probably wouldn’t have chosen to move to Kiruna if it wasn’t for Esrange, but there are other advantages. After all, you spend most of your time at home, and I think it is much nicer to have a view of the forest than into someone else’s window. In Kiruna, a sparsely populated area, you have more space and can easily go to different places and be all by yourself. I am not an extreme who likes camping in below zero, I am rather a more convenient type of person. I enjoy day trips, to have the forest and river close by and to jump on the snowmobile to visit people whenever I feel like it. I also think there is a greater spontaneity up here in Kiruna. You can decide to do activities on the same day. You don’t have to plan things weeks or months in advance, which is nice.


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