Essential support for your critical communications

SSC CONNECT’s Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP) and Critical TT&C services support you through the initial, mission-critical stage. When your satellite is released into orbit by the launch vehicle, we will track it to its final position. And when you commission the functions on your satellite for the first time, we’ll help you with the solar array deployment and antenna alignment. We can even service the launch vehicle.

We support 30 missions a year, including GEO-TOS, deep space escape orbits and Low Earth orbiting missions. Our experienced technical and operational teams can help with launching long-duration missions, rocket launch, orbit transfer, manned missions, the space logistics vehicle rendezvous and any unexpected scenarios. For essential support for your critical communication, you can rely on us.

A complete range of missions and applications

Our global multi-mission ground station network supports a complete range of missions and applications including mission critical LEOP, re-orbiting, and de-orbiting maneuvers.


Our launch support services include:

  • Pre-launch engineering and management effort to prepare our ground station network for the launch
  • Launcher tracking support
  • Orbit insertion support and very critical first acquisition with the satellite and maneuvers to place the satellite in its intended orbit
  • Coverage when there is visibility, 24 by 7 availability at the Network Management Center
  • In orbit testing support , when required, to ensure that all on-board systems operate well in preparation for commissioning the satellite
  • LEOP services for geostationary and polar orbiting satellites and long duration GEO-TOS operations typically encountered with XIPS (Xenon-Ion Propulsion) technology
  • LEOP services in S-Band, X-Band at all stations and C-Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band at some ground station locations

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LEOP Datasheet

LEOP Service Datasheet

Launcher Tracking datasheet

Launcher Tracking Service Datasheet

Patrik Melvås

Patrik Melvås

Head of Business Development

SSC not only supports spacecraft launch operations, but services the launch vehicle as well, and sometimes both simultaneously.

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