Spacecraft Operations
and Engineering Services

State-of-the-art support
for your next space mission

We provide engineering, operations and consultancy services to the international space market. We can support all project phases, from designing and testing through to launch and operations, calling on the service expertise of our subsidiaries LSE Space and Aurora Technology.

Mission Operations

Our expertise covers all facets of operations’ preparation and execution for both the space and ground segments. We can provide services and solutions for every stage and for any type of space mission.

ESA Operations Center, Cred: ESA

Space Engineering

We provide top-notch profiles to bring your team the needed experience to successfully help and support your projects. We can offer a wide range of skill sets, which cover the entire space product development life cycle. The expertise we can provide in our Service & Support Portfolio spans from Preliminary Phase 0/A (conceptual mission design) to Phase F (mission operations, maintenance, and disposal).

Photo: ESA

Systems Engineering and Software Solutions

We develop software solutions for the ground segment, and we supply a wide range of operational tools.

People and screens

Scientific Services

We have the capability and the expertise to provide support to strategic and long-term science planning, along with Missions Science Data Processing, Payload Operations & Software Development, Science IT Infrastructure and Operations support.

Nathalie Fortier

Nathalie Fortier

Head of Engineering Services

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