The Company

SSC continues to further develop our strategy to meet a changing business landscape characterized by a rapid development, increased competition as well as new needs and opportunities for space services, but also risks.

We help Earth benefit from Space

SSC is a leading, global provider of advanced space services, with more than 50 years of experience. We partner with institutional and commercial customers worldwide.

Our company mission is to help Earth benefit from Space.




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Our Values

Our values are the foundation of who we are. They shape us as a company in everything that we do – how we interact with one another, our customers, partners and society.

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Our Values

  • Customer Passion
  • Collaboration
  • Care
  • Curiosity
  • Courage

Our History

Founded in 1972

Through the twentieth century, space technology developed to become an indispensable resource in the fields of telecommunications, Earth observation, meteorology, and navigation.

SSC has taken part in the journey from its first steps over 50 years ago and is now a well-reputed and sought-after partner with operations worldwide.

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Our Subsidiaries

We are proud to have nine subsidiaries in SSC, worldwide.


SSC Summary and Financial Reports

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SSC Code of Conduct

This Code is the foundation for the business we do and defines our values and business ethics.

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SSC ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

SSC's Group Management System is certified according to ISO 9001 since May 2000.


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