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“This is an exciting mission that can benefit life on Earth in many ways. Simply the idea of finding resources on the lunar surface that could be vital for creating a permanent base on the Moon. How exciting is that?! This could simplify further space exploration and equip us with a springboard to Mars and the rest of the Universe.”
Mikael Eriksson, Business Development Director
SSC and India’s historic lunar landing
India made history with the Chandrayaan-3 mission when it became the first ever spacecraft to successfully land on the south side of the Moon. This mission not only paves the way for further space exploration but also acts as a potential steppingstone towards Mars and beyond.
We are seeing new and ambitious missions to clean our orbits from space junk, and programs to monitor the locations of these objects. But this whole industry domain is still in its very early phases.

Travelling at high speed, even the smallest of objects can cause real harm.
Jacob Ask, Space Situational Awareness Program Architect
Jacob Ask
Debris and congestion – a future challenge in Space
While thousands of new satellites will be needed in the coming years to keep up with our modern societies, the congestion of objects in orbit pose the risk of serious collisions. And if not addressed and handled correctly, Earth could soon be surrounded by an impenetrable shield of man-made objects.
Space data is the new oil – everybody wants to access it for so many different reasons. For us and many other space companies, this source of information provides great possibilities to make life on Earth more sustainable.
Linda Lyckman, Head of Business & Technology Innovation
Linda Lyckman
Innovating life on Earth – through space technology
Space business is booming all over the world. And it’s not just out of curiosity or the vanity of billionaires. For humankind to survive, we need to make life on Earth more sustainable, and this can be achieved through innovative space missions. Linda Lyckman, SVP Business & Technology Innovation at SSC explains how.

"There is a fascination of finding out more"

Three generations space geeks looking at our space history and the future.



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