CONNECT Teleport

Northern Europe's premier Teleport for Space Telecommunications

Satisfying the needs of every type of customer and industry, our teleport provides satcom connectivity with a special focus in Northern Europe. SSC offers hosting services, VSAT, and Media connectivity, ensuring seamless business operations through expert turnkey project management. We also provide expert advice and design solutions to satisfy specific satellite communication requirements.

Satcom Services

Engineering in-house at the station offers servicing and geostationary satellites operations, and handles design as well as implementation and all level 2 and above operations of the services provided. NOC (Network Operation Center) in Kiruna with 24/7/365 monitoring.


A comprehensive Satcom service offering

  • Hosting Services
    Many hosting opportunities on the mast, data center or on the Teleport field for RF customer's uplink antenna.
  • Media Services
    Uplink for teledommunications satellites as well as downlink and distribution of TV channels.
  • VSAT Services
    Two-way communication services for remote or other unavailable locations and for redundant communications (back-up). VSAT applications can be for the monitoring and control of remote sites for utility companies, the contribution of media content, or just general internet access.

Teleport Capabilities

Northen Europe's premier Teleport for Space Telecommunications

  • Strategic location
    Strategically located to ensure a seamless, expansive, and uninterrupted line of sight to a diverse array of communication satellites spanning orbital positions from 30 West and 45 East.
  • Reliable facility
    Secure site managed by SSC. Equipped with redundant generators and UPS.
  • Reliable ground comms
    With exclusive, fully redundant network connectivity to Stockholm PoPs our Teleport facility offers the optimal infrastructure for providing essential and reliable satellite communications.
  • Experience
    Enjoy total confidence in your ability to communicate with the Stockholm Teleport. We are a trusted partner with 50+ years of experience in providing satellite and network solutions, backed up by a reliable network infrastructure including strategic PoPs and SSC Network Operations Center.
  • Network Operation Center 24/7
    Backed by a fully staffed and highly skilled NOC, ensuring 24/7, 365-day monitoring and maintenance with on-call engineers.

Stockholm Teleport Station

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