Your connection to the Moon and beyond

SSC CONNECT offers the world’s first commercial lunar communications solution.

Our advanced ground station network assisted the Apollo Space Program and other lunar missions for NASA, ESA, ISRO and SpaceIL. With our extensive network capability and experienced staff, SSC offers the full range of mission network solutions, from LEOP to surface operations. For secure, reliable and comprehensive spacecraft and lunar vehicle communications, and ground system support for multi-mission concepts, SSC is your connection to the Moon and beyond.

Availability, Performance and Support

SSC is the only commercial partner offering a full-scale lunar mission support.

The SSC Connect Ground Station Network is designed for a high availability in a multi-mission concept. This allows us to provide a minimum of service availability of 99.8 percent.

The SSC Connect Ground Station Network is also made with a high level of redundancy and diversity that provides a minimum of 99,5 percent of service performance.

SSC offers service from 5 kbps to 80 Mbps in S, X, and Ka band using a global network of large aperture antennas for lunar distances.

The SSC support team is based on experienced SSC personnel with expertise from many years of lunar service support that saved many missions.

To the Moon and beyond

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Full range of lunar sub-services

  • Establishment
  • Mission Control
  • Flight Dynamics
  • Monitor and Control
  • Launchpad support
  • Launcher tracking
  • LEOP
  • Re-orbit to the Moon
  • Re-entry to lunar orbit
  • Landing


  • SSC is a well known and trusted partner
  • Reliable and secure space connectivity
  • Highly skilled operations support for critical mission services
  • Easy to apply for permits and licenses

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Lunar Datasheet

Lunar Services Datasheet

SSC has supported in total more than 10 lunar missions all the way back to the Apollo-program.


Exploring the Moon - aiming for the Universe

Now when mankind is yet again making itself ready to go back to the Moon, SSC will be an integral part of those journeys, as a service provider enabling some of the most exciting lunar missions in preparation.

Erwin Mercado

Erwin Mercado

Head of Market Region Americas

“SSC is making new investments in its lunar network to support trusted customers and upcoming missions”

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