Sounding Rockets

Excellent launch possibilities

We have designed and launched more than 60 sounding rocket vehicles since the early 1970’s and provided services to scientists and space organizations worldwide.

Photo: Thilo Krantz, DLR

SubOrbital Express

Rapid access to Space and back

SSC SubOrbital Express provides researchers, scientists and commercial companies with quick and easy shared-ride access to near-space, microgravity conditions. We have the expertise you need in mechanics, electronic and power design, advanced software engineering, experiment system engineering, mission system and engineering. We are there to provide you with customized design and development of experimental payloads, a safe launch and real-time experiment monitoring through to quick land recovery, giving you rapid access to Space and back.

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Suborb Express launch

Development and design

Together with our Eurolaunch partner DLR-MORABA we analyze the vehicle trajectory, loads, and stability. We also design structural parts of the vehicle including inter-stage adapters and nose cones.

We build service modules with telemetry, tele command, and support devices for science experiments and technology demonstrations.

We offer a high-speed data-link, specially designed for transferring data across long distance for high altitude balloons and a new system for measuring of winds before rocket launches.

Excellent launching facilities

We provide launch services for most types of sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons from Esrange Space Center. We at SSC can offer you advantages that are hard to beat.


Esrange Space Center
Henrik Pettersson

Henrik Pettersson

Executive Vice President of Business Development, Science Services

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