Ravit Sachasiri

Ravit Sachasiri

Ravit Sachasiri is our Business Development Director for the Asia Pacific Region. He was born in Bangkok and spent almost 15 years in India. Now he lives in Kiruna.

“I have always had a passion for space as it is deeply linked with my ever-questioning nature. Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with space, astronomy with physics being my favorite subject. I ask questions such as “Why”, “Why not” and a lot of “What if”. I used to read fiction and non-fiction books on space and time and was always fascinated by the possibilities and the unknown.”

Ravit graduated in Telecommunication Engineering in India before completing his Masters in Space Communication Systems at ISAE-SUPAERO in France. He worked for a mobile telecommunication company and Internet Service Provider in Thailand before joining Thailand’s National Space Agency, GISTDA in 2009, where he worked for 10 years in various positions before he came to SSC.

“It’s always fun to work with people who love what they do, which usually is the case in the space industry.”

“One challenging and also exciting aspect of working with space is that everything must function perfectly, all the time. Any error or mistake may result in a failure of the satellite or the space systems. We always have to be on our toes. Thus, we are always on alert when delivering our services and our design and usually have more than one level of redundancy to ensure that the mission is never compromised”.

Being from Thailand and India and now living and working in northern Sweden for three years is quite a contrast. Ravit enjoys it and has dreams for his future life in Kiruna.

“I would like to metamorphosize myself from being a city man to someone living with nature. When I lived in Bangkok I never hiked or skied or skated. I want to build a habit of doing these activities regularly in Kiruna. I aspire to have a nice cabin by the lake with a snowmobile, which I can visit in summer and winter to just be with nature up here in Kiruna.”

When talking about living your dreams and what he would tell others, he says:

“I would recommend anyone with any passion to always work towards their dream. Just like any other dream, working with space requires efforts to be put forth towards achieving the dream. Luckily for us, working with space can range from being an astronaut, to being a software developer, to controlling a spacecraft, to being a theoretical physicist studying the black hole or the Big Bang, to a radio communication engineer providing telecommunication support. The space domain is so vast and now so accessible, even space art projects are now being envisioned with planned artificial meteorites in the evening sky.”

Ravit in front of an antenna
Ravit together with a colleague in front of a huge antenna in Thailand.

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