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Title Country Location Company Closing date
Optical Program Master Thesis – Investigation of the atmospheric influence on free-space optical communication for satellite data reception Sweden Solna SSC 2023-12-30
Product Manager Sweden SSC 2023-12-28
Project Manager Sweden Solna/Kiruna SSC 2023-12-27
Systems Engineer Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-27
Software Engineer – Rockets and Balloons Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-27
REXUS/BEXUS internship – Payloads & Flight Systems Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-16
Systems Engineer Sweden Solna/Kiruna SSC 2023-12-13
Software Engineer M&C systems Sweden Solna/Kiruna SSC 2023-12-08
Maintenance Engineer Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-07
Open application - Orbital Launch & Rocket Test Department Sweden SSC 2023-12-07
Elektriker Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-07
Säkerhetssamordnare Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-07
Tekniker Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-06
Tekniker – inriktning mot fordon Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-06
Data Software Engineer Sweden Solna/Kiruna SSC 2023-12-02
ServiceDesk Onsite Technician Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-01
Byggingenjör Sweden Kiruna SSC 2023-12-01
Network Engineer Sweden Solna SSC 2023-12-01
General application - Operations Engineering Germany Darmstadt or Gilching LSE -
General application - Software development Germany Darmstadt or Gilching LSE -

Meet our people

Ida Larsson

11:02 am . February 9, 2023

Ida Larsson works in the Orbital Launch and Rocket Test team, developing and building the new Spaceport Esrange.

David Hagsved

11:10 am . October 11, 2022

David Hagsved, Project Manager, believes he made the right decision in choosing both workplace and living in the north.

Pascal Daniel Muyovu

14:09 pm . September 17, 2022

Pascal Daniel Muyovu is a Spacecraft Operations Engineer supporting our customer European Space Agency – ESA with groundbreaking, exciting missions.

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