Safety Information

Rocket impact area at Esrange

This information is mainly for anyone who resides in the Esrange area, Kiruna, Sweden. Final radio announcements (in Swedish) are broadcasted by Radio Norrbotten on the Kiruna FM transmitter 102.7 MHz.

UPCOMING: Rocket Campaign

27 March 2023 – 5 April 2023

Two rockets are planned to be launched from Esrange. The rockets are predicted to impact in zone B. It is prohibited by law to stay in zone A during rocket launches from Esrange.

Mission: REXUS 29/30
Affected Zones: Zone A, Zone B

ONGOING: Rocket Engine Tests

December 1st, 2022 – May 31th, 2023

Multiple rocket engine tests will be conducted at Esrange Space Center from 1st December 2022 until 31th May 2023. It is forbidden to be in Zone A1 during these tests. Please find more information in the link below.

Mission: VTS
Affected Zone: Zone A1

KOMMANDE: Raketuppskjutning

27 Mars 2023 – 5 April 2023

Uppskjutning av två raketer är planerade från Esrange. Raketerna beräknas landa i zon B. Det är enligt lag förbjudet att vistas inom zon A vid pågående raketuppskjutning från Esrange.

Mission: REXUS 29/30
Zon som påverkas: Zon A, Zon B

PÅGÅENDE: Raketmotortest

1 december, 2022 – 31 maj, 2023

Ett flertal raketmotortest kommer att utföras på Esrange Space Center från 1 december 2022 till 31 maj 2023. För mer information, öppna meddelandet nedan.

Mission: VTS
Zon som påverkas: Zon A1

Questions and Answers

Outside Zone A or extended Zone A (if that is in use). See zone map.

It is not allowed to be in the Visitor Center during a rocket launch. Leave to get outside of the Zone A. See zone map.

Yes, but be aware of the warning messages on the radio when a rocket launch will occur (Radio Norrbotten on the Kiruna FM transmitter 102.7 MHz).

Zones A and Extended Zone A are forbidden areas when activated (when the sirens sound). See zone map.

No, Esrange is a civil protection object.

Short repeated signals mean danger and that you must leave the area. Continuous signal means the danger is over.

Don’t touch or go close. Note the co-ordinates. Call 0980-72 000.

Yes, we live-stream some of the launches on our Youtube channel: SSC on Youtube

It depends on the rocket, but usually it flies up to 250 km in altitude and impacts 70 km north of Esrange.

It is illegal to fly drones close to Esrange.

When no campaigns are ongoing. Please check the latest Safety Information on top of this page.

Check this page. We also list upcoming and completed launches on the Rocket and Balloon Activities page.

SSC not only supports spacecraft launch operations, but services the launch vehicle as well, and sometimes both simultaneously.

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