Podcasts on sustainability and technology development

February 5, 2024
Podcasts on sustainability and technology development

Want to know more about our work with sustainability, innovation and satellite technology? Our experts in SSC explain and give their views in different podcasts recently released.

John Taylor writing on a board

John D. Taylor, Chief Engineer

At the KRATOS constellation podcast on 17 January, about how space missions’ ground communication systems are becoming more flexible and scalable than ever before.

Erwin Mercado

Erwin Mercado, Head of Americas Region

In the On Orbit podcast by Via Satellite in December 2023, discussing our journey in the space industry, focusing on SSC's global ground station network, market and customer demands, Lunar and deep-space communications.

Henrik Lampa

Henrik Lampa, Head of Sustainability

Henrik shares his insights in the Interplanetary Podcast, from November 2023. "Sustainability is growing more important and becoming an integral part of all industries, and the space industry is no exception".

Linda Lyckman

Linda Lyckman, Head of Innovation

Talks about how SSC works to create a safe space environment. This podcast is in Swedish.

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