Iulian Hodivoianu

Iulian Hodivoianu

Iulian HodivoianuIulian works as a Talent Acquisition Specialist​ and is based in Solna, Sweden.

“My dream to work in the space industry ended when I realized that I would not become an astronaut, but I kept it in the back of my mind. One day I discovered the job opening at SSC and did not waste a second before I applied”, The opportunity seemed exciting enough to leave my life back home in Romania and onboard on a mission in a country I didn`t know anyone but on a job that I resonate with.”, says Iulian, who came to SSC in September last year.

Iulian has a bachelor’s degree in public affairs and a master’s degree in European administration. He has studied in Norway, Poland and Slovakia summing up around three years of the Erasmus+ program. He has been working in recruitment for the past four years, at Microsoft and two consultancy companies, before he came to SSC.

“I enjoy working as a recruiter as I have the feeling that I can bring a positive change in people’s lives through the opportunities I am promoting.”

What kind of people are you looking for when you recruit?

”I would say that a specific attribute I am looking for is a passion for their area of work, whichever it might be: engineering, software development, sales, etc. I hope to meet people who are truly attracted by their area of work, as this can be a great indicator for bright ideas.”

What’s your go-to interviewing question?

”A question that I am always addressing goes along the lines of: “Do you have an example of a situation where you changed a process and did bring some positive results with your initiative?”

What’s best about SSC as a workplace?

“It’s the passion shared by our colleagues. After joining SSC I discovered a group of truly dedicated people to their activity and this kind of environment is a healthy place to be at.”

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