Largest balloon ever launched from Esrange

13:07 July 13, 2024

Larger means higher – and today at 4.39 pm local time, the largest stratospheric balloon ever to be launched from ...

SSC and Firefly to launch satellites from Esrange Copy

13:07 July 13, 2024

SSC and U.S. space transportation company Firefly Aerospace have signed a collaborative agreement to jointly launch satellites with Firefly’s Alpha ...

NASA SUNRISE-III balloon launched

02:07 July 10, 2024

At 06:22 local time on the 10th of July, the NASA balloon carrying the SUNRISE-III payload was successfully launched from ...

NASA XL-Calibur balloon launched

06:07 July 9, 2024

At 05:04 local time on the 9th of July, the XL-Calibur ballon from NASA was successfully launched from Esrange Space ...

Optical technology revolutionizing space communications

13:07 July 1, 2024

We are building a new generation of ground stations. With optical technology, we take satellite communications to a whole new ...

A world of advanced
space services

SSC space services are built on decades of experience and cover many areas.


Satellite Ground Station Services

SSC offers one of the world’s largest, most flexible and dependable ground station networks, SSC CONNECT.

Science and
Launch Services

We design sounding rocket vehicles, stratospheric balloon systems, testbeds and payloads. From our excellent launching facilities, SSC has launched nearly 600 sounding rockets and provided services to scientists and space organizations worldwide.

Spacecraft Operations
and Engineering Services

We provide engineering, operations and consultancy services to the international space market and support all project phases, from designing and testing through to launch and operations. Based on more than 25 years of experience, we can offer a wide range of services, carried out by SSC subsidiaries LSE Space GmbH and Aurora Technology.

Some of our customers
Laser communication from space to ground is a cutting-edge technology that will bring significant improvements both regarding data rates but also as a more secure and license-free means of satellite communication.
Hanna Sundberg, SSC Lead System Architect Optical Communications and Project Manager for the NODES project
Hanna Sundberg
Optical technology revolutionizing space communications
We are building a new generation of ground stations. With optical technology, we take satellite communications to a whole new level of efficiency.
We are seeing new and ambitious missions to clean our orbits from space junk, and programs to monitor the locations of these objects. But this whole industry domain is still in its very early phases.

Travelling at high speed, even the smallest of objects can cause real harm.
Jacob Ask, Space Situational Awareness Program Architect
Jacob Ask
Debris and congestion – a future challenge in Space
While thousands of new satellites will be needed in the coming years to keep up with our modern societies, the congestion of objects in orbit pose the risk of serious collisions. And if not addressed and handled correctly, Earth could soon be surrounded by an impenetrable shield of man-made objects.
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