About the SSC Group

About SSC

The leading global provider of advanced space services

As mankind increasingly looks to space to find the answers to the mysteries of the world, we are entering an exciting new era. As people are making more and more use of space in their daily lives, it is becoming a natural part of everyone's infrastructure.


We provide specialized competence in space sub systems, space and satellite operations, rocket and balloon systems, launch services, flight test services, extensive application-specific solutions comprised of systems, sub-systems, instruments, technology and support services.

People are making more and more use of space in their daily lives.

Our 40 years of experience make SSC one of the most experienced and established businesses in our field. We help our customers gain new understanding of the potential resources in space - as well as to utilize space for the benefit of Earth.

We offer advanced space services

The activities of the SSC Group cover many business areas and are built on decades of experience.