Space is important for the Arctics

March 27, 2024
Space is important for the Arctics

SSC had the pleasure to host 70 parliamentarians from the EU Parliament and the Arctic countries as a part of their conference in Kiruna when they visited Esrange Space Center.

The biennial conference CPAR – Conference of Parliamentarians of the Arctic Region took place in the heart of the Arctic – Kiruna. On the agenda was a visit to Esrange Space Center with the purpose to get more information about SSC and about the activities at the rocket base.

The Arctic region has grown increasingly important in recent years. Climate change, future trade routes and extraction of natural resources are just a few examples of the increasing strategic importance of the Arctic region.

The Space domain provides new prerequisites to manage this reality.

“It is important for SSC that decision-makers in the Arctic countries get the chance to understand the importance of space-based infrastructure and what significance it has in the Arctic region in particular. Both in terms of climate monitoring, security, communications, and social development. It was especially gratifying that as part of the CPAR conference they chose to visit Esrange” says Karin Holmqvist, VP strategy and sustainable business at SSC.

Positioned at the top of Europe, Esrange Space Center provides significant capabilities for the benefit of a secure, sustainable and competitive Arctic. For more than half a century, this facility has been a unique asset for European space activities. With Sweden as the latest member of NATO, the importance of Esrange has never been greater.

CPAR is a parliamentary body consisting of delegations appointed by the respective national parliaments of the countries within the Arctic and by the European Parliament. It also includes participants representing the indigenous population as well as observers. The conference’s agenda was climate and waste management in the Arctic, business and employment, sustainable mining as well as civil security and preparedness.


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