Spaceport Esrange highlighted by The Guardian and YLE

September 29, 2023
Spaceport Esrange highlighted by The Guardian and YLE


As the orbital launch site of Esrange Space Center, called Spaceport Esrange, get closer to its first satellite launch, there is naturally a big interest from the European and global space community. The last couple of days, the facility was visited by both The Guardian and YLE for a chat about the progress of this infrastructure that is so crucial for future European space capabilities. 

“The need for this capability is huge. However, although there is always a friendly competitive instinct between Sweden and Norway, I wouldn’t say that the most important thing is to be first to launch a satellite, but rather to have a good launching capability over time,” said Lennart Poromaa, Head of Esrange Space Center, in his interview with YLE.

Read the article by The Guardian [in English]:

Read the article by YLE [in Swedish]:

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