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SSC focuses resources – discontinuing subsidiary GlobalTrust

June 26, 2024
SSC focuses resources – discontinuing subsidiary GlobalTrust

SSC has decided to discontinue its investment in subsidiary GlobalTrust Ltd. to focus resources, optimize operations and strengthen SSC’s core service offering to the global space market. This will allow SSC to create a more competitive and comprehensive offering of its core services – from payload integration and launch to ground-to-orbit connectivity and engineering services.

Over many decades, SSC has built a broad and successful international space business. However, the space market is growing and changing rapidly, requiring comprehensible, efficient, and competitive services and solutions. To align efforts, SSC has decided to wind up its space data analytics subsidiary, GlobalTrust Ltd.

“We are seeing unprecedented growth and development in the space market, and it is important that we continue to position SSC as a robust and competitive partner in the space industry, while contributing with new capabilities and solutions. The market for space data has great potential for growth but is still in its early stages. We will keep a close eye on the development and will further explore how space data services can benefit our customers, as well as a sustainable societal development. However, at this point, we need to focus investments and resources on core business,” says Charlotta Sund, CEO of SSC.

SSC and GlobalTrust Ltd’s minority shareholders have agreed to all aspects of the discontinuation of GlobalTrust Ltd. as a separate subsidiary and have also agreed to part ways.

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