Completed, Rocket Missions


July 5, 2016

The research will be carried out using an unguided solid propellant twostaged rocket, Terrier Mk12 and Improved Orion.

The Terrier motor has a burn phase of 5 seconds. The Imp. Orion Motor is a dual thrust burner with a boost phase of 5 seconds and a sustainer phase of approximately 21 seconds. The rocket accelerates the payload then for 40.0 seconds with peak acceleration during the boost phase of approximately 21 g.

SSC Campaign Manager: Maria Holmström
MORABA Campaign Manager: Andreas Stamminger
MORABA Payload Engineer: Markus Pinzer
Project Scientists: Ali Gülhan
Fluid Mechanics Andreas Henze

General information

Launch site Esrange Space Center
Launch date July 19 at 06:05 LT

Technical information

Rocket type Terrier Mk12 / Improved Orion
Nominal payload diameter 14 inches
Propellant type composite
Propellant mass ~ 290 kg
Apogee ~ 180 km

Contact person

Maria Holmström, Project manager, (SSC)

Andreas Stamminger, Campaign Manager (DLR Moraba)

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