August 29, 2013

The experiment will be carried out with a VSB 30 rocket in February 2015.
Modification and installation of equipment in the Skylark launch tower have been done in a pre-campaign in September-October 2013.

The Cryofenix mission investigates the behavior of cryogenic liquids under microgravity condition.

SSC is acting as a subcontractor to Air Liquide Advanced Technologies.

ALAT is responsible for the development of the experiment module for cryogenic liquids.

SSC is responsible for the development of two new modules:

  • The control module for the main experiment module.
  • A thruster module which applies a controlled linear acceleration to the payload in flight

SSC is also delivering the launch service for the Cryofenix at Esrange Space Center.


General information
Launch site Esrange Space Center
Launch date Launched on February 22, 2015
Customer ALAT


Contact persons:

Michael Lundin, Project Manager (SSC)
Mattias Abrahamsson, Project manager for the preparatory work of the ground support facilities at ESC (SSC)


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