Category: Career

David Hagsved

11:10 am . October 11, 2022

After three years at Esrange, David Hagsved, Project Manager at the Rocket and Balloon department, believes he made the right decision in choosing both workplace and living in the north.

A promising start to a new space career

15:09 pm . September 16, 2022

Prim Pasuwan joined SSC in June this year and is one of the latest additions to the team. Only a couple of weeks into her new SSC career, Prim was awarded the SGAC World Satellite Business Week (WSBW) Scholarship for[...]

Pascal Daniel Muyovu

14:09 pm . September 5, 2022

Pascal Daniel Muyovu is a Spacecraft Operations Engineer (SOE) and has worked for ten years supporting our customer European Space Agency – ESA with groundbreaking, exciting missions.