Successful TEXUS 56 rocket launch from Esrange

November 19, 2019
Successful TEXUS 56 rocket launch from Esrange
On a beautiful November morning, with sunshine and fresh snow, the TEXUS 56 rocket was launched from Esrange Space Center. The rocket lifted at 09:35 UTC, on Friday 15 November, 2019.

Onboard were three experiments funded by European Space Agency (ESA) and German Aerospace Center (DLR), investigating how planets are born, how to optimize utilization of metals as fuels, and how to improve the quality of semiconductor crystals.

Besides the thrilling launch moment, rocket launching campaigns include many steps both before and after the final countdown, like preparing the experiments for the flight, safety checks, planning for the recovery operation and a lot more.

After an intensive day, the project team today gathered for a post-flight meeting.

”We concluded that the launch was very successful, and that all teams have gotten rewarding data”, says David Hagsved, Project Manager at Esrange.

”Working with a launch means that the base goes into a ”campaign mode” and that we are 100% focused. It is a lot of hard work, quite intensive, but also very rewarding.”

This mission continues the great experience SSC has for several decades with our partners, and we are looking forward to future missions.

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