Strong support for the Swedish Space Strategy in Parliament

November 23, 2018
Strong support for the Swedish Space Strategy in Parliament

Holistic perspective

The Parliament confirmed the strategy, giving support to its goals and overall ambition, thereby putting a formal closure to the process. Amongst other things, the strategy states that Swedish space activities are to be conducted with a holistic perspective, focusing strongly on the benefits for the society as a whole.

Strong support

The parliament also gives its support to the priorities expressed in the strategy, especially the importance of strong and competitive Research and Development environment within the space domain in Sweden.

The parliament closed the debate by recommending the Government to regularly come back to the Parliament with updates regarding the steps that are taken in accordance with the strategy and to revise it on a regular basis.

“This shows that despite the unclear situation which we have since the general election regarding the government, there is a strong support for the space strategy in the Swedish Parliament. This is important for our present and future national level decisions affecting SSC’s activities, “says SSC’s CEO Stefan Gardefjord.

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On Nov 23rd,  the newly elected Swedish Parliament debated the Space Strategy which was presented by the Swedish Government earlier in 2018.

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