Completed, Rocket Missions


September 8, 2015

A program for students with the aim to develop, build and launch their own rockets. The rockets should have a small telemetry payload to transmit key trajectory data back to Earth during flight and provide information to the students including the rocket’s altitude and speed. The rockets may be propelled by a solid-fuel, hybrid or steam motor. In order to teach the students engineering and science, and to put their technical knowledge to the test as early as possible in their studies, there are no height restrictions on the rocket. The program will run for up to three years, depending on the university and the scope of the project. The students’ work will be integrated into courses that already deal with various aspects of rocketry. In addition to the design of the engine, project activities will focus primarily on the rocket system as a whole, which demands interdisciplinary thinking and teamwork because of its complexity.

General information

Launch site Esrange Space Center
Launch date FAUST launched on October 22 at 08:45
Customer Student program

Four experimental rockets are scheduled to be launched from Esrange Space Center.

A Hawk Owl decided to watch the launch of the FAUST-rocket at the antenna outside the TM station. Click to enlarge

The count-down for the next rocket, HyEnD, has just started. This student team is from the University in Stuttgart.

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