SSC to demonstrate Phased Array Ground Systems for NASA

September 22, 2023
SSC to demonstrate Phased Array Ground Systems for NASA


SSC has been awarded a capability study contract from NASA to demonstrate Phased Array Ground Systems.

With the support of NASA and in collaboration with SSCs partner Celestia Technologies Group UK, SSC is developing a multi-beam phased array antenna capable of communicating with multiple spacecraft simultaneously. This is an important step in making space communication more dependable and affordable, while also giving us the ability to send more data.

“This is another step towards delivering our strategic technology roadmap,” says Iraklis Hatziathanasiou, Head of Strategy and Innovation at SSC.

This contract was awarded by NASA in the frame of their Commercialization program. The contract is leveraging the work that was previously done in the GNNetE program led by SSC UK which started back in 2020.

Read more about NASA’s Near-Earth Communications:,systems%2C%20and%20constellation%20topology%20analysis

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