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SSC opens new office in Kiruna city center

November 9, 2023
SSC opens new office in Kiruna city center

Esrange Space Center, located 45 kilometers outside Kiruna, now has a sister office in the city center. Today, SSC inaugurated its new state-of-the-art office with 70 workplaces in the middle of Kiruna city center.

“We are working intensively on broadening our services and the operations at Esrange is growing strongly. The new office here in Kiruna city center will be a great supplement to Esrange which provides new opportunities to continue developing the whole company regionally, nationally and globally,” says Lennart Poromaa, Site Manager of Esrange Space Center.

As today’s modern society becomes increasingly connected to satellites, the global space industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. In the midst of this development, Esrange is becoming a crucial resource for the Swedish and European space industry. The space center already has infrastructure for satellite communications and the capability to launch both research experiments and satellites. With the new Kiruna office, this development continues.

“By moving parts of our operations from Esrange to the new office, we make room for new business and continued developments at the base, not least for the upcoming satellite launches. Among other things, we are moving our 24/7 manned control center to the new premises,” says Lennart Poromaa.

And there is no coincidence that the office has been placed in Kiruna. The ambition is to continue being a long-term and important player regionally while strengthening SSC’s local presence in the city.

“As an attractive employer with ambitious future goals, it is important to be at the forefront of innovative, modern and flexible working methods. The establishment in Kiruna city center also enables new business opportunities through increased collaboration in the region, as well as strengthening our relations with other regional stakeholders,” says Charlotta Sund, CEO of SSC.

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Philip Ohlsson, Head of Communications at SSC
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