SSC hires an Environmental manager at Esrange

May 31, 2024
SSC hires an Environmental manager at Esrange

The appointment of the role of environmental manager is part of the company’s sustainability work. The position will belong to Esrange Infrastructure and is a strategic investment to be able to work proactively and pursue environmental issues according to SSC:s high ambition.

This is part of expanding the Esrange Space Center, an Environmental manager is now being appointed, where there initially is a big focus on the environmental permit process and the work with the external environment linked to the expanded operations with, for example the coming satellite launches.

“This is an important step that we are now taking. In the past, our various operations have been able to handle the environmental issues themselves within the respective line organization, but as we now expand, it is important that we have a cohesive function. Both for SSC but also in the work towards authorities”, says Ulf Nygren, Vice President Infrastructure at SSC.

Nadia Sandström will be our new Environmental manager, starting June 3. She has a master’s degree in Natural Resources Engineering from Luleå University of Technology and has previously worked as a consultant at AFRY. Nadia is responsible for the work with SSC’s environmental permit application.

“Environmental issues are important to all of us, regardless of where we live or what our background is. By acting responsibly, we can make a positive difference to our planet and its inhabitants.” says Nadia Sandström and adds:
“My hope is to be able to contribute with my knowledge and structure the work with environmental issues at Esrange, but the first focus will obviously be to complete the environmental permit application so that it can be submitted during the fourth quarter of 2024”.

In addition to work with environmental permits, external environment will be included in the work. For example, it could be about sampling water and soil as well as work with coordination of environmental-related measures together with different units within SSC.

With more focus on the environment than ever before this also opens up for greater business opportunities when SSC meet our customers’ increasing demands.

“We don’t just provide space services that our customers can use to improve sustainability globally. As a company, we have a high ambition in terms of our own operations and our supply chains. Therefore, it feels extra good to introduce a new role as Environmental manager to continue to be at the forefront of this important work,” says Henrik Lampa, Head of Sustainability at SSC.

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