SSC guest in Swedish podcast Innovationslandet

March 17, 2023
SSC guest in Swedish podcast Innovationslandet

The other day, our Head of Innovation Linda Lyckman was interviewed by the popular Swedish podcaster Emma Frans about the connection between Space and society. As guest in the podcast Innovationslandet Sverige, Linda shares her thoughts on the importance of Space for life on Earth. Don’t miss the episode [in Swedish].

“If the satellites around the globe stopped working today, our modern society would be thrown back decades in a matter of seconds”

What innovations have we gained through Space? How fast is the space industry developing? And how far are we from launching satellites from Swedish soil? Those are some of the questions asked in this episode.

Listen here: 🎧

About the podcast:
Innovationslandet Sverige (in English: Innovation Country Sweden) interviews some of Sweden’s leading researchers, engineers and innovators to discuss their innovative solutions and how they can change society in a positive direction. The podcast hostess, Emma Frans, is famous in Sweden for making science, research and innovation more understandable to the general public.

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