Update from our CEO on the current situation

May 11, 2020
Update from our CEO on the current situation

Dear customers, partners and suppliers,

As we enter the third month of the COVID-19 pandemic, I would like to briefly inform you about the current situation from SSC’s perspective.

Our CRT (Coronavirus Response Team) monitors the situation daily and all SSC managers continuously coordinate global operations and hold scheduled weekly meetings. All previously announced measures and work procedures, as detailed in my previous letter on the subject, remain in effect. Some measures have successively been further strengthened with the focus to ensure the best possible mission continuity.

So far, we have managed to keep all operations and services running nominally and no disruptions due to COVID-19 have been reported apart from those imposed by local regulations such as restrictions regarding travel and access to certain facilities. Whenever needed, we work closely with our customers and suppliers to find work-around procedures, for example engaging local personnel or contractors. As you may have noticed, throughout this period, we have tried to conduct business as close as possible to normal circumstances. Our goal is to provide all our customers the attention and quality they all deserve and have come to expect from SSC. Nevertheless, if you notice any problems or have suggestions how to further strengthen our services, please let us know and we will strive to improve the situation.

SSC will continue to apply all appropriate measures to protect our staff, our customers and the general public, and to safeguard customer´s missions the best way possible. As restrictions start to ease in different countries, we will modify our dispositions in close coordination with our customers and taking local regulations and conditions into account. Our aim is to always maintain safety while gradually returning to normal operations whenever feasible. We are also conscious that the situation may still become more serious in some parts around the world as the pandemic evolves. Again, we will remain vigilant and act accordingly to tailor our actions to ensure the highest level of safety and continuity in our service delivery to our customers.

We will remain in close contact with you to maintain the dialog to effectively coordinate and support you in these difficult times. I trust we will be able to fully continue maintaining full mission continuity.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your SSC contact. Thank you for your collaboration and understanding,

Stefan Gardefjord


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