SSC CEO Stefan Gardefjord on the current coronavirus situation

March 17, 2020
SSC CEO Stefan Gardefjord on the current coronavirus situation

Dear customers, partners and suppliers,

The situation around the coronavirus evolves rapidly and will continue to impact our business, customers, partners and suppliers in the weeks and months ahead. We are closely monitoring the development on a daily basis and have taken early proactive decisions to protect our customers’ missions, our staff, and the general public.

We have established an SSC Corona Response Team (CRT) which is managing the situation as it develops. We will continue to implement measures to ensure the safety of staff and at the same time secure continued mission success at every SSC site, implementing additional actions as needed.

In light of the serious and challenging situation, SSC has implemented business continuity plans in order to safeguard critical missions and to prepare for different scenarios concerning the future development of the coronavirus pandemic. The plans include the following actions:

– Separation of mission support staff from common premises and from other staff

– Backup staff for key functions and executive management

– Strong restrictions on all travel, visits and meetings

– Staff working from home whenever possible

– Information to all staff on protective measures

These plans are now implemented on all SSC sites.

While undertaking these measures, we will need more joint planning of all operations as the coronavirus situation changes. Mission continuity is crucial and we at SSC will do all we can to make sure we find the best way forward together.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your SSC contact. Thank you for your understanding.

Stefan Gardefjord

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