SSC Annual and Sustainability report 2023

May 20, 2024
SSC Annual and Sustainability report 2023

The SSC Annual and Sustainability report, released earlier in Swedish, is now available in English.

“SSC has long been an international company, but never before have we been as globally relevant as we are today. In focus, we have the inauguration of the new launch facility, the EU mainland’s first facility for launching satellites, which has made us an attractive partner from both a commercial and a defense perspective. It gives us fantastic opportunities when looking ahead to 2024 that will have an even clearer commercial focus”, says Charlotta Sund, CEO.

“2023 was the first year that SSC had “net zero emissions by 2040″ as an integrated goal for the entire group. And it has really made an impression, not least when we adapted our facilities to the green transition. We are doing investments in solar parks, geothermal energy and green electricity. We have also increased our focus on more clearly addressing the supply chain in our overall value chain”, says Henrik Lampa, Head of Sustainability.


Annual and Sustainability Report



The report is also available on our Finances page, together with other reports.

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