SSC and SatRevolution to launch EO constellation from Esrange

December 13, 2021
SSC and SatRevolution to launch EO constellation from Esrange


Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) and the Polish space company SatRevolution have signed an agreement to launch SatRevolution’s STORK Earth observation satellite constellation into LEO from Esrange Space Center in Sweden, and subsequent constellation operation management. The agreement also includes cooperation on developing services using SSC’s Earth Observation data analytics capabilities through its subsidiary, GlobalTrust.

“We chose SSC for a reason. They’re a leading global provider of advanced space services with over fifty years of industry experience. Another significant reason is the location of the Esrange Space Center as it’s relatively close to Poland, and has a high latitude for facilitating launches into sun-synchronised orbits,” says Grzegorz Zwoliński, CEO of SatRevolution.

Through the new 5-year agreement, SatRevolution moves closer to a quick realization of its strategic goals for the construction of an Earth observation constellation. The nanosatellites of the Wroclaw-based company will provide imagery data for a variety of applications on Earth – such as precision agriculture, infrastructure monitoring, including energy infrastructure, logistics and transport, as well as industries related to environmental monitoring.

“We are very proud to support SatRevolution’s mission with our end-to-end orbital launch capability and data analytics services. This agreement is an important milestone for SSC towards serving European customers from the soon operational spaceport at Esrange. This will ensure customer proximity and European autonomy for orbital launch services, which will be very important for the future competitiveness of the European space sector,” says Stefan Gardefjord, CEO of SSC.

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