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SSC and LTU strengthen space partnership

February 26, 2024
SSC and LTU strengthen space partnership

SSC and Luleå University of Technology have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to further strengthen the synergies between the local space industry and academia in northern Sweden. The focus of the partnership is both the activities at Esrange Space Center and Luleå University of Technology’s education and research in the space area. In addition, collaborative efforts will be done in areas such as AI, robotics, materials science and innovation.

Together, the two parties will aim at developing knowledge, ensure qualitative competence and find new innovative solutions that could contribute to sustainable growth and strengthened competitiveness – regionally, nationally and globally. Today, Luleå University of Technology offers Sweden’s only master’s program in engineering focused on space technology, as well as several other space programs. Combined with the state-of-the-art operations at Esrange Space Center, northern Sweden strengthens its position as a hub for European space activities.

“I am so glad to announce this collaboration today. There is virtually no place in the world where a research project or a satellite can be developed and then transported 45 minutes to get launched into space. This is possible in the Norrbotten region thanks to regional collaboration between industry, academia and business. We are now taking the next step in utilizing these unique opportunities in order to strengthen Kiruna, Luleå and the entire Norrbotten region as a hub for innovation, sustainable development and space activities,” says Charlotta Sund, CEO at SSC.

“We are very pleased with the deepened partnership. Together with SSC, our university has unique opportunities to ensure high quality in the research and education we offer. At the same time, our education in space engineering systems and atmospheric science will strengthen SSC in a variety of business areas. Together, we can develop new innovations that will ultimately strengthen Sweden and Kiruna as national and regional center points for innovation and space,” says Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

Space plays an important role in the entire Norrbotten region. In addition to SSC, Esrange and Luleå University of Technology, organizations such as the Institute for Space Physics (IRF), the Space High School, the international research facility EISCAT, as well as several private European space companies, are located here.

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