Say hello to our 13 summer workers at Esrange

June 19, 2018
Say hello to our 13 summer workers at Esrange

Photo: Five of our summer workers at Esrange this year; Elin Eriksson, Rasmus Augustsson, Ludvig Sjöberg, Theresia Hestad and Anton Lindström.

This year we strengthen our staff at Esrange Space Center with 13 young summer workers. Most of them study to become space engineers at LTU (Luleå University of Technology in northern Sweden). Although they study similar subjects, their paths to Esrange differ. Some of them have taken a short training course at the space center to get a job there, others have been selected to get a job as satellite operator.

Theresia Hestad from LTU is one of the summer workers. During autumn 2015 she did Tekniksprånget at Instrumentation, a four-month-long internship for young students who have done Natural Science or Engineering at High School but not yet begun university or college studies.

– In 2016 I got a summer job for the launch team, where I primarily worked during the PoGO+ balloon campaign. After two years of space engineering studies in Luleå I am back as one of this year’s summer workers, this time as balloon filler for the ESA and the NASA balloon campaigns. What a summer job!

At SSC we warmly welcome these fantastic students. We hope they will enjoy their stay and we are sure they will learn lots of exciting things.

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