Satellite data for reduced emission footprint

June 29, 2022
Satellite data for reduced emission footprint

Press release

Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) and the Swedish mining and metals company Boliden enter into a partnership to track and reduce emissions from smelters. Benefiting from data analysis services offered by SSC subsidiary GlobalTrust, Boliden will use satellite images to locate and reduce dusting from the Bergsöe lead smelter facility in Landskrona, one of Europe’s largest facilities for recycling lead batteries.

“This is an entirely new approach for us in our efforts to reduce emissions from our operations and thus make Boliden’s facilities more sustainable. We have high hopes that this new technology will help us in that regard. Satellite images do not lie and they will give us credible information to locate the origin of the dust around our business,” says Sara Olsson, Head of Sustainability at Boliden Smelters.

“This is obviously a flagship contract for GlobalTrust that highlights the growing need amongst major industry actors to use satellite data as support for active decision-making. Being able to track value and production chains with independent data from space is a new tool with endless potential, not least as thousands of new satellites are expected to be launched into orbit in the coming few years,” says Richard Hilton, Founder and CEO of GlobalTrust.

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze and understand Earth Observation (EO) data from satellites is becoming an increasingly important tool in the work towards sustainable development of our societies on Earth. Through GlobalTrust, SSC takes advantage of the technology at hand to provide companies and organizations with independent information to help streamlining their operations and shifting into more sustainable alternatives. The same technology can then be used to evaluate the effects of the measures taken.

Contact persons:
Philip Ohlsson, Head of Communications SSC, +46 (0)70 721 70 26,
Klas Nilsson, Director of Communication Boliden, +46 (0)70 453 65 88,

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