Rocket launches soon resumed at Esrange

November 19, 2021
Rocket launches soon resumed at Esrange

The fire at Esrange Space Center in August earlier this year damaged important launch infrastructure at the site. Now, only three months later, the preparations are at full speed for a first rocket launch after the incident. Temporary solutions have been implemented for facilities, launch equipment, launch safety systems and cabling. The first planned launch will take place at the end of this month with the Mapheus 10 sounding rocket campaign.

“Thanks to the dedicated work from our employees in creating temporary infrastructural solutions, our sounding rocket campaigns can soon be resumed again, only three months after the incident. These campaigns are of such great importance for research in a variety of fields, and we are really happy to resume this part of our operations again”, says Lennart Poromaa, President of Science Services at Esrange.

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