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REXUS 29/30 completed – second rocket launched from Esrange

April 4, 2023
REXUS 29/30 completed – second rocket launched from Esrange

At 6:20 am (CET) the sounding rocket REXUS 29 was launched from Esrange Space Center, the second and final rocket of the REXUS 29/30 campaign. The first rocket, REXUS 30, was launched three days earlier. The two rockets had a total of nine experiments within different research areas. All experiments onboard the two rockets report successful operations. Moreover, both payloads and freefalling units from the B2D2 and DAEDALUS2 teams were recovered quickly. The teams are now evaluating their respective data. 

“The campaign went smoothly overall. We had some issues on the test countdown of REXUS 30 but everything turned out fine. with a launch in beautiful weather. After that, the winds got a bit high so we had to wait a couple of days to launch REXUS 29. In the end, both launches were successful and all the experiments onboard were operationally good as well. Now it’s time for data processing and all organizers are looking forward to the upcoming publications by the teams. I want to congratulater all students and colleagues involved in this campaign, it was a fantastic one,” says Armelle Frenea-Schmidt. 

For this campaign, students from twelve countries were involved, representing universities from Germany, Romania, Norway, and Sweden. 

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