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Microgravity documentary on Amazon Prime

December 18, 2023
Microgravity documentary on Amazon Prime

What happens during a suborbital rocket campaign? This captivating documentary takes the viewer on an extraordinary journey to Esrange Space Center in northern Sweden, where researchers and scientists from all over the world had one common goal: Microgravity. Under the management of SSC, the SubOrbital Express-3 rocket was launched on 23 November 2022. Join an exploration of how space technology intersects with daily modern life on Earth.

SSC brought together 12 diverse experiments onboard the SubOrbital Express-3 rocket, each using space conditions as a valuable tool for conducting research in various fields and contributing to our understanding of space and its impact on our life on Earth. The documentary showcases a variety of impressive experiments, including groundbreaking research on stem cells for diabetes treatment, and particle experiments to learn more about the origin of planets.

“It really is a magical feeling to witness a rocket launch. But it’s so easy to just focus on the launch itself. A rocket campaign is so much more than that. For the engineers at SSC, there are several years of preparations leading up to the launch – payload design, integration and tests. And for our customers onboard, the rocket launch is normally where they begin analyzing the data conducted from the mission for further research,” says Stefan Krämer, Program Manager SubOrbital Express.

This story is more than just a chronicle of a space mission, it is a celebration of collaborative innovation and the endless quest for knowledge. The documentary was produced by Rocket Media Space Production and on behalf of Swiss watchmaker Fortis Watches, one of the main customers onboard the SubOrbital Express-3 rocket, with support from SSC and our logistics partner Gebrüder Weiss.

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