Esrange and SSC noted as key in Swedish space diplomacy

May 17, 2024
Esrange and SSC noted as key in Swedish space diplomacy

During a visit to Texas, USA, Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström noted the importance of Esrange Space Center upcoming satellite launch capabilities as a cornerstone in future security policy.  

Earlier this week, Mr Tobias Billström, Swedish Minister for Foreign affairs, visited NASA and other space organizations and related industries in Texas, USA. The purpose was to present Sweden’s ambition as a space nation and to further develop the relationship with the U.S. space industry.  

“Sweden is actively pursuing space diplomacy and has an advanced space industry. We are well placed to contribute to international cooperation in relation to research, innovation and security – not least through the Esrange Space Center. That’s why it’s important to make public and private actors in Texas aware of Sweden’s capabilities and ambitions in this field,” said Mr Billström. 

Mr Billström visited the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, as well as other leading space organizations in Texas. He gave a speech where he outlined the need for partnerships, especially given the geopolitical situation, and of course, in relations to the Swedish NATO membership.  

In his speech, he noted the importance of space, and outlined the need for partnerships especially given the geopolitical situation, as part of Swedish space diplomacy. By utilizing the existing civilian space capabilities in northern Sweden, Esrange could be a center node for international collaboration around space defense, with unique abilities for rapid operational delivery. Karin Holmqvist, Head of Strategy and Governmental Affairs at SSC, participated in a panel discussion alongside the Foreign Minister:  

”I observed a great interest in SSC and our space services. It´s obvious that our coming satellite launch capability will be an important enabler not only for the space industry as such, but also have in impact on defence capabilities, in connection to the EU and NATO” says Karin Holmqvist.  

In a follow-up, SSC CEO Charlotta Sund was interviewed by SVT about the possibility to utilize Esrange for military satellite launches. She concluded that SSC already has great knowledge and ability to offer a wide range of advanced space services to various industries, academia and research. In offering satellite launch capabilities, SSC will add to its current capabilities as a natural part of the future space defence domain.  

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