Category: Innovation

Insights about dust grains after flight with SubOrbital Express

11:01 am . January 27, 2023

The results might help scientists make nanoparticles with useful applications in more efficient and eco-friendly ways, for example within areas like solar energy, sensors, and nanomedicine.

Innovating life on Earth – through space technology

10:10 am . October 3, 2022

Space business is booming all over the world. And it’s not just out of curiosity or the vanity of billionaires. For humankind to survive, we need to make life on Earth more sustainable, and this can be achieved through innovative[...]

Exploring the Moon – aiming for the Universe

09:06 am . June 8, 2022

After fifty years, mankind is going back to the Moon, and this time for a longer stay. Exploring the Moon further is another step towards human development on Earth and a steppingstone for future missions to Mars. Ultimately, aiming for[...]