Another successful year – 2017 Review

December 22, 2017
Another successful year – 2017 Review

Season’s Greetings from SSC

2017 has been another successful year for SSC. We successfully launched several sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons, supporting advanced science, helping push the human frontier forward. One example is the launch of Europe’s largest sounding rocket MAXUS, ending a 7-year scientific preparation, delivering amazing results.

We have performed support to a large number of successful LEOPs, i.e. to help customers take control of satellites in the right orbit after it separates from the launch vehicle to its final orbit, helping to create the vital space-based infrastructure that society requires today.

Our global network of ground stations has been used more than ever, implementing new customers and services on a record level and continue a valuable collaboration with long-term customers.

In Europe, our engineers have provided their skills as part of operating crews in many European space missions, most of these services as integrated parts of customer organizations.

In all, 2017 has been a fantastic year together with new and old customers all over the world. It is a great pleasure to be able to together help to achieve a more sustainable future on our planet.

Thank you for 2017 – with wishes of an even better 2018

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