Through the twentieth century, space technology developed to become an indispensable resource in the fields of telecommunications, Earth observation, meteorology, and navigation. SSC has taken part in the journey from its first steps over 50 years ago and is now a well-reputed and sought-after partner with operations worldwide.

SSC was founded in 1972. Named the Swedish Space Corporation (former "Rymdbolaget" in Sweden) we started as a Swedish company doing business all over the world. Over the years, we have grown to comprise several specialized companies with facilities on most continents.

  • 1961It started with sounding rockets

    The sounding rocket activity in Sweden started in 1961. In the beginning the launches took place from Kronogård, which originally was a hunting post for royal foresters and hunters. The launch site was very primitive.
  • 1964Construction of Esrange starts

    ESRO (European Space Research Organisation), which later became ESA (European Space Agency), decided to expand the sounding rocketry. The construction of the Esrange Space Center started in 1964.
  • 1966The first rocket launch from Esrange

    After completion of Esrange, the sounding rocket activity in Kronogård stopped. The very first sounding rocket from Esrange was launched on November 20, 1966.
  • 1972SSC takes ownership

    SSC (then "Rymdbolaget") was founded and took ownership of Esrange Space Center.
  • 1974Stratospheric balloon activities

    The first high altitude balloon was launched from Esrange Space Center in 1974.

    Photo: Pirog balloon project in 1985

  • 2000Establishment of the first global ground station network

    SSC teams up with USN (Universal Space Network) in the US and started the establishment of the world's first commercial global ground station network.
  • 2010SSC ground station network global expansion

    SSC acquired USN (Universal Space Network) in the US and made some investments in Chile, Canada and Australia to enlarge its own ground station sites and capabilities worldwide.
  • 2004Start of Spacecraft Operations & Engineering Services

    SSC aqquires German company LSE Space.
  • 2020Testbed capabilities

    Inauguration of Testbeds at Esrange Space Center. Swedish government announced decision to establish capability to launch small satellites from Esrange.

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