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Ida Larsson

11:02 am . February 9, 2023

Ida Larsson works in the Orbital Launch and Rocket Test team, developing and building the new Spaceport Esrange.

Insights about dust grains after flight with SubOrbital Express

11:01 am . January 27, 2023

The results might help scientists make nanoparticles with useful applications in more efficient and eco-friendly ways, for example within areas like solar energy, sensors, and nanomedicine.

14 years of observing the boundary of our Solar System

11:01 am . January 3, 2023

A belated happy birthday to the Interstellar Boundary Explorer, IBEX. On October 19, this NASA mission celebrated its 14-year anniversary. Together with Northrop Grumman, SSC has been supporting the mission since the start, making it one of the longest still[...]

Inauguration of Mainland Europe’s first satellite launch complex

14:12 pm . December 22, 2022

Inauguration by H.M the King of Sweden, the Swedish Prime Minister and the President of the EU Commission in January 2023: On 13 January 2023, the Swedish head of state, King Carl XVI Gustaf, together with European and Swedish political dignitaries[...]

Debris and congestion – a future challenge in Space

16:12 pm . December 13, 2022

Orbiting the Earth at high speed, a growing number of satellites and more than 130 million pieces of debris constitute a major challenge to future space activities. While thousands of new satellites will be needed in the coming years to[...]

Mission possible – Staying on the Moon

10:10 am . October 13, 2022

Humankind is going back to the Moon, but this time it’s not just for a stroll. The updated mission is to stay, at least for a full day and night. With SSC as a partner, Firefly is planning for a[...]