We design sounding rocket vehicles, stratospheric balloon systems, testbed and payloads. From our excellent launching facilities, SSC has launched more than 570 sounding rockets and provided services to scientists and space organizations worldwide.


Satellite Launches

SSC develops the SmallSat Express, which from 2022 will launch satellites up to 150 kg from ESRANGE to a sun-synchronous LEO orbit.

Image: Concept image of the new satellite launch area. 


Sounding Rockets

SSC provides customers with suborbital sounding rocket programs and single launches including microgravity research rockets, educational rockets, scientific sounding rockets, and technology test rockets. We have a continuous program with launch opportunities - SubOrbital Express.


Stratospheric Balloon Launch

SSC’s complete range of balloon launch services includes payload design and manufacturing, service systems, balloon systems, launch services, flight operations and recovery. We offer complete missions of atmospheric research, astronomy or any other scientific missions as well as technical tests of re-entry capsules and unmanned vehicles.



A testbed for the development of in-demand technologies, which includes reusable launch technology for small and large rockets, more environmentally friendly engines, test flights, and satellite technology. It will also be possible to use the facility to demonstrate new components for space applications.


Autonomous Systems

SSC provides tests and operations of autonomous flying systems at Esrange Space Center. The vast uninhabited land area, coupled with one of Europe's largest restricted airspaces makes it an ideal place for UAS and drone flights.


Ground Instruments

SSC provides possibilities to place ground instruments on several locations globally at sites with electricity and fiber connections, with the KEOPS site at Esrange Space Center as a natural hub.

At Esrange a number of scientific ground instruments owned by SSC are also providing data to the scientific community continuously through the EGiS database.


Payloads & Systems

SSC develops payloads and support systems for integration in several platforms, including balloons, sounding rockets, parabolic flight and similar flight systems. Our expertise is based on decades of experienced gained from more than 50 larger payloads. SSC can assist you in developing a custom payload ranging from advisory assistance up to complete system development, including testing and verification.


Scientific support

SSC offers the best engineering solutions for your scientific needs. We have been working with scientists from institutions all over the world in many scientific fields for decades, providing experience-based solutions for the scientific needs. We understand the challenges of designing an instrument that provides the right conditions for your science. With more than 40 years of experience in microgravity and atmospheric research, we know how to assist you professionally.


Test & Validation

Test and validation is the core of having a successful mission. SSC is validating all systems flying in any of our platforms, following well-established procedures to test and fulfill all requirements. Our heritage of successful missions has given us a competitive experience-based service for any test and validation in our field.


Software Development

SSC provides software development for both flight systems and ground support systems. Our flight systems are fully real-time based and providing experiment control during flight. We can assist you in developing software for any mission control. Our existing framework of flight software is a library of flight-proven code, configurable for literally any sensing and control.

We also offer full ground support software for handling communication and experiment control, as well as controlling any ground support equipment.



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