Author: Mattias Forsberg

Historic giant balloon to be launched from Esrange

14:05 pm . May 23, 2024

Starting at the end of May, a real balloon bonanza begins at the Esrange Space Center. A total of eight balloons – five transatlantic and two stationary stratospheric ballons as well as one student balloon – will be launched from[...]

Space is important for the Arctics

11:03 am . March 27, 2024

SSC had the pleasure to host 70 parliamentarians from the EU Parliament and the Arctic countries as a part of their conference in Kiruna when they visited Esrange Space Center.

TEXUS 60 successfully launched

13:03 pm . March 25, 2024

The TEXUS 60 rocket was successfully launched from Esrange Space Center on Sunday March 24, 2024. Onboard were three very different experiments executed under microgravity conditions.