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Insights about dust grains after flight with SubOrbital Express

11:01 am . January 27, 2023

The results might help scientists make nanoparticles with useful applications in more efficient and eco-friendly ways, for example within areas like solar energy, sensors, and nanomedicine.

SubOrbital Express 3 launched from Esrange

10:11 am . November 23, 2022

This morning, Wednesday 23 November 09:23 AM local time, SubOrbital Express 3 was launched to an altitude of 260 kilometers and six minutes of microgravity. Among the twelve payloads onboard were scientific experiments to investigate everything from stem cells for[...]

Twelve experiments to Space from Sweden

16:11 pm . November 20, 2022

On Wednesday, 23 November, the launch window opens for one of the year’s most anticipated rocket launches at Esrange Space Center, above the Polar Circle in Northern Sweden, after two and a half years of planning and preparation.