Systems engineering and software solutions

We deliver services and develop products based on our long operational experience

Our approach is to identify potential for improvement and automation in the daily business of space operations and engineering. In many cases the needs are identified by staff in charge of operations. The short loop between user and developer leads to a direct translation of practical experience to new requirements for agile software applications.

Ground systems engineering

Our systems engineers have expertise in the development of key ground systems for space missions:

  • Mission control systems
  • Mission planning systems
  • Flight dynamics systems
  • Data link simulators
  • Scheduling software
  • Automation systems

Photo: ESA/NASA.

Operational software tools

We can supply a wide range of operational tools which have been primarily developed in support of our operational teams:

  • Telemetry analysis tools
  • Sequence of event tools
  • TM and TC database editor
  • Web based operations portal
  • Training tools

Photo: ESA.

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