SSP - SLE Service Provider software

Our software to interconnect Mission Control Centers to Ground Networks


The SSP (SLE Service Provider) software interconnects mission control centers to baseband ground station antenna sites via the CCSDS Space Link Extension protocol (SLE) over IP based networks. It is a highly versatile and modular gateway for use in ground stations and network management centers.

The software package runs on all platforms that support Java™. The SLE services F-CLTU, RAF, RCF and ROCF services are fully supported.

No restrictions

The SSP does not depend on third party libraries or APIs and can be used for any mission without any restrictions.

Easy integration

The SSP provides a TCP/IP monitoring and control interface that allows easy integration of the software in the ground segment infrastructure. This allows for full automation of SLE service provisioning. Additionally, the SSP can be monitored and controlled locally or remotely via a user-friendly web-based GUI.

Multi-mission support

The SSP supports multiple services and missions concurrently. SSP serves as the access point for all external users of the provided SLE services.

High data rate support

The SSP has been tested with data rates above 100Mbps.

Automated offline delivery mode

The SSP provides an automated offline delivery mode. Mission Control Centers can request the playback of their mission’s TM automatically without the need of operator intervention at the ground station.

Supported baseband units

The SSP currently supports connecting to Cortex Quantum, XL and NT TM/TC baseband units. Due to the modular design of the SSP interoperability with other baseband units can be added easily.

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