Engineering and operations services

We provide services for all mission phases and mission types

We have over 25 years of spacecraft operations and engineering experience and we can supply on-site support if required by our customers.


Satellite operations and engineering

  • Requirements analysis and specification
  • Design and definition of operations concept
  • Operations preparation, tests and validation
  • Mission analysis and flight dynamics
  • 24/7 satellite operations
  • Anomaly analysis and resolution
  • LEOP and routine operations

Photo: Flight Dynamics Engineer at ESA/ESOC. Credits: ESA/Mai

Ground segment operations and engineering

  • Link budget analysis
  • Requirements analysis and specification
  • Design of ground segment architecture
  • Assembly, integration and validation
  • Interface testing
  • 24/7 ground segment operations
  • Scheduling of ground segment resources
  • Maintenance of hardware and software

Photo: Columbus Control Center at DLR/GSOC. Credits: DLR. 

Space engineering and scientific services

  • Science mission planning
  • Science data processing and analysis
  • IT support services
  • Data handling and archiving
  • Instrument testing and calibration
  • Space technology evaluation and assessment of mission concepts

Image: Cosmic Vision. Credits: NASA/ESA/ESO/W. Freudling (ST-ECF)

Simulations and training

  • Planning and execution of simulation campaigns
  • Development of nominal and contingency simulations scenarios
  • Training of  full mission control teams in a control room environment
  • Development of training programs for satellite operations and engineering teams
  • Development of training programs for ground segment operations and engineering teams
  • Evaluation and certification of trainees

Photo: Simulations Officers at ESA/ESOC. Credits: ESA/P.Shlyaev. 


We have over 25 years of spacecraft operations and engineering experience. We have expertise in all mission types:

  • Manned space flight
  • Earth observation satellites
  • Geostationary telecom satellites
  • Navigation constellations
  • Astronomical and interplanetary missions

Artist's view: BepiColombo fly-by. Image credits: ESA-ATG medialab.

Banner photo: EUMETSAT Control Room. Credits: EUMETSAT.

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